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Report Filed: Sloans Dry Cleaners Ripping off it’s customer’s Los Angeles California!!

I was a customer for over 20 years when Nash owned the business, but when they sold the place, the quality & the customer service went way down, and the prices went way up, a 2 pc suite was 7.95 now it’s 12.44 & often times, the stains that were on the suit when I brought it in are still there when I pick it up. I don’t have the time to take back clothes repeatedly to get them cleaned? When I picked up my clothes the last time I was there, my ticket listed 3 pair of gray pants I only received two, when I called the next day to find my pants I was told that 4 pair of gray pants were there & that I could see if 1 of them belong to me. None of the pants were mine so, he said he would check again & call me back, when I didn’t hear from him I called & spoke with Frank back only to be told that the system in place makes it almost impossible to lose clothes and that he watched me count all of the garments before I left? (Insinuating that I was trying to rip him off) Never mind the 4 pair of pants he showed me that he had no idea who they belong to? Great system huh? I ask to speak with the owner; I was advised that he is the boss and he had talked to the owner and that it was with her blessing that no responsibility will be taken for the missing pants, I then informed him that I will bring back a few items to re-clean (Once again) after which I would be taking my cleaning elsewhere. If you notice the receipt that youu2019re given no longer itemizes the prices per item (Have you ever wondered why?) because the prices have gone up 30% & they donu2019t want you to notice, When customers notice they give you more of a discount to silence you. I am going to put some of my past receipts online at,, Google, and, so you can see the prices and the discounts given to silence me, when I went in last week I complained about the prices and was pulled to the side and given a 30% discount Wow!! Just like that, clear evidence that the other customers are being ripped off. I donu2019t believe that this proud Jewish community is going to continue to allow it self to continue to be ripped off; I have lived here for 19 years. Particularly after I pass this on to a couple of the rabbiu2019s I know, I am sure they will get the word out, there is no place for a business in this community the does not respect itu2019s customers, who do they think they are the U.S. congress?

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