SyncFast Oil Change

SyncFast Oil Change Review

Report Filed: SyncFast Oil Change AKA “The Rip Off Palace” Fraud, Thieves, Liars, Admitting to fault “off the record” then denying refunds san diego California!!

Went for basic oil change they told me that my spark plugs needed to be replaced. The engine light was NOT on when I arrived. They never showed me the damaged plugs. I believed them and had them change 6 spark plugs. I asked for spark plugs at payment and they said they threw them away and the dumpster already took them. How am I supposed to know if they even changed them? I call my old mechanic to tell him and he reminds me that he replaced my spark plugs and coil last year 8/17/15 with 100,000 Nippon Denso’s and there was no way that they needed to be replaced yet. I drive under 3000 miles a year. I went to tell SynFast Oil Change that my sparks had just been replaced and there was no reason to change mine and that they did that job under false pretenses and I wanted a refund. They told me I was wrong and that Nippon Denzo’s were not right for my car and that is why they needed to change them out. My other mechanic said Nippon Denzos were fine and that they were lying and conveniently threw out evidence. I went back to SynFast, Juan Delgado the manager agreed to give me a refund if I called the Ford Dealer and they said that the Nippon Denzos were fine for my 2001 Ford Escape which would prove that there was no reason to take them out and replace them. I then called Les at the Ford Dealership and explained the story, he said “If they are telling you that you needed to replace those Nippon Denzo’s cause they are wrong for your car that is a false statement.There was no reason to change those after one year and not even 3000 miles.”” I went back to Juan Delgado and told him what the Ford Dealership mechanic said. Juan says he needs to speak to his district manager

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