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Report Filed: TA Truck Stops Of America – TA Travel Centers Of America Travel Centers of America would not enforce their own warranty RAWLINS Wyoming, Las Vegas, NEVEDA!!

Had repairs done on my Semi truck on 04/29/07 they repaired the front tire on drivers side Replaced two bearing races check nut torque. Replaced wheel seal steer axle gasket,bearing cup,bearing cone outrunner steel seal, steer large hub cap plug Repalced Inter and outer races in the left side On steering and Replaced both Inter and outer bearings and wheel seal and cleaned up drum and wheels from oil. On August the 27th my truck lost it’s front left tire it flew over meadom and my truck landed on the frame on highway I-15 south mile marker 16 in Arizona .. almost rolled it. We Had it towed to TA Travel Centers /Truck stop in Las vegas Neveda. We Had to stay on a jack in front of Travel Centers till Monday morning. Monday morning came Travel Centers of America where notified that it was still under warrenty 120 days and or 1 years warrenty on workmanship parts and they where notified that it needed to be repaired. Extensive damage was done to my truck the mere $649.18 they had charged to fix it in the first place would not cover the large amount of damage that was done when the tire flew off + towing and loss of income plus the load being late for my company and we haul extinsive time sensitvie freight … They made excuses like your warrantys expired or it’s been to long or we didn’t change that part. EXCUSE ME? and they threw us off thier propety and we had to be towed to freightliners shop about 10 miles away and pay more towing bills. and no where to sleep, and we Had to spend all the money we had to stay in a hotel (which is very exspensvie in Las Vegas). with 3 dogs and 1 cat. The machinist that looked at our truck informed us it would cost about 15.000 to repair it. Cause we where buying the truck from a small trucking company called Katera llc.and they where running our paychecks through their account and supposed to be takeing all matinice monies and approve all repairs done they wouldn’t even authorize an estimate done cause freight liner wanted $350.00 dollars just estimate repairs on the truck they reffused to have it done. And left us stranded their in las Vegas Neveda with no money nothing… According we had almost starved,with not enough to eat or no where to sleep.. We made a deal with freight liner we would make some money,and return with enough to start repairs as soon as we could.. We promised freight liner we return. Called our comapny and got bus tickets. After giving my dogs away to people I did not know, because we could not take them back on the gray hound bus with us … I lost my love of my life my ginger and my dad’s dog little man and our freinds dog cimmon and our freinds cat we where takeing to cal. when all this happened. July 4th came and we still did not make enough to send any money cause of new trucks break downs in a week $4000. They Katera llc. towed my truck back to springfield with out us knowing about it .. Now I have also a Ripoff Scams posted against them the owners cause of them towing the truck back to Springfield Missouri,and they took the truck from Las Vegas Neveda and accused us of abondoment of truck and they have a court case against me for all the repairs Travel Centers of America was supposed to done and they have wrecked my life. I still have the keys,I still had all my clothes in the truck,my husbands tools $6000. dollars worth also my company stamp which is worth a mere $750.000 dollars and all my fishing tackel ,all my jackets, winter boots our Dvd player Dvd’s … ect Upon Return in Joplin Missouri we where to pick up a other semi truck in kanas city to make money to pay first truck and my brakes on my pick up went out and also our dad’s van burnt to the ground. Travel centers of America are theives liers and worst kind of people they got away with almost killing us and also us looseing more then 480.000 dollars plus repairs and hardship and tears of 1 year and 3 months of paying every penny we earned to a truck they made me loose. and towing repair fee and all our stuff in the truck please if anyone who can help us ? please we need help a lawyer?? and Travel Centers of America needs to make it right, but thier a big corpration and we are a little a company just starting, well, atleast there is freedom of speech Maybe the travel Centers of America forgot they start with a little company and advanced ? from the little trucking companys that used thier fuel. never again and then they send me a survey. asking what I think ??? what would you say? Priscilla joplin, MissouriU.S.A.

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