The Cottage School

The Cottage School Review

Report Filed: The Cottage School tcs consumer fraud ripoff false promises Roswell Georgia!!

I was promised a school for kids that had trouble is public schools. A place where I could be myself. Someplace that had no corruption or crap. What I found shocked me straight to the core. Appearently they were advertising a place with extra help and teaches that actually care. Sounds good right? Wrong! These are buzzwords for parents with special-needs children. I had to interview to go to this school and you would think that they would tell you about these things but they did not. They also failed to inform me about how they would use their random drug testing policy to attempt to find out what I did in my private life outside of school. They used their power of persuasion against my parents and convinced them that this was my last chance to be able to go to college. I do not have special-needs but when I tried to leave, the prinicipal told me that most other high schools would not accept me because they would have to unteach what The Cottage School tried to ingrain into my head. And he was correct. What really scares me is what they have already done to kids in my same position. This school has been operating since 1985. After talking to some of the teachers, they don’t even know what they were getting into. Alex Alpharetta, Georgia

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