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The Criminal President of FinTree Scamming Indians

Fintree Finance Pvt Ltd, this is the name of the scam that was started by Lalit Shah , it continues to run and it aims to scam people through very cunning and luring methods. They have a fully trained professional team, who are highly experienced in fooling people and taking their money. They can go to any extent to convince you of their capabilities and will sell you any lie just to achieve their target. Lalit Shah has duped millions of rupees from innocent, hard working individuals who didn’t have the capacity to expose him or take any action against him or his fraudulent company FinTree.

As and when you research online, you will come across a lot of negative reviews as well as attempts of people to try and expose this con man who goes by the name of Lalit Shah. 

Harassment of an Innocent Customer by Lalit Shah

There is no response or resolution from the FinTree company or Lalit Shah. No one in the company cares about the customer once they have received the money.

Negative Reviews and Complaints on Google

As usual, no response or rebuttal from any of the company representatives. Lalit Shah enjoys the money and refuses to take any responsibility. He could not be least bothered about the customers of his own FinTree company, he has no shred of guilt or conscience. All he cares about is his own bank balance. 

There are so many other better options than FinTree, i urge and request you all to do your research well and go to any other company but FinTree, trusting these scammers will be one of your biggest blunders and regret in life. I met so many of their employees, and it was evidently very clear that all they cared about was their monthly target and commission. 

  • Review By Abid Khan (1 Month Ago) 

“Worst service ever found in my career. Fooling people. Took loan from them on everyday 1000 should be deducted. In first week after taking loan continuously 5 times deducted in a day it happens continuously 4 days. And its ridiculous that in a day 3 times 5220 deducted from our account this happens many times . Mistakes can be happened once not repeat. Worst service and commitment. Mr. Mohammed not picking up calls Mr Lawrence not helping us as he committed me last time that this will not happen. Because of their mistakes our other loan EMI will effect and this will impact on our CIBIL”

  • Review By Venkatesh Temkar (1 Month Ago)

“They didn’t inform about the emi date and not even a message from you was sent to us and immediately my check was bounced
Disappointed !Check this and don’t repeat further . If it is possible please call.”

FinTree Employee Reviews

A management trainee in Hyderabad sums it all up correctly – ” Waste company dont go there”. The scam is currently operational across India, which is why it is extremely important to expose the entire modus operandi and expose Lalit Shah so no more innocent people get conned. 

Here’s another employee of FinTree who clearly says, that FinTree does not have a great brand value in the market. After reading all this, by now you shouldn’t wonder why that is the case. 

I challenge Lalit Shah and FinTree to prove the above as false. I challenge them to reply here and respond to these allegations with substantiated proof and evidence. They think they can get away with duping innocent Indians, hight time they are proved wrong. 

At a time like this, when India is facing such a misery and everyone is going through incredibly tough times, these con artists and scammers like Lalit Shah tend to take advantage of the vulnerable clients. They have no sense of shame or accountability. Stay as far as you can from them. 

I am sure there must be a lot more stories, complaints and evidence against Lalit Shah and FinTree. We all need to come and shred as much light as we can on this. These guys have spent heavily on doing their PR and building a baseless image and perception. Kindly refrain from falling for it. Only go for the facts and only deal with reputed companies you can trust. These fly by night companies only seem and sound luring, but are hollow and will end up leaving your pockets empty and their’s full.

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    June 3, 2021
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    May 19, 2021

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