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Report Filed: The Gun Directory, Gundose, Jeremy Calloway Gundose (aka) The Gun Directory is a SCAM! Houston TX!!

Gundose and The Gun Directory is a SCAM! Started following gundose on insta and saw a few of my photos, checked out his gundose website and found even more. At first, no big deal then I noticed another site of his called with one of my giveaways and a handful of my products. All which are affiliate links off his site to another site not even mine! I have giving no permission for this site to post my content and will contacting my lawyers. As a company owner we spend 1000s of dollars to publish content on our websites. Just so some jerk can post it on his site and toss it out like itu2019s his. Iu2019m labeling both and as scams and shouldnu2019t be allowed online. No ligament accounts with 100s of items that he has no ties to. After I joined I was hit will 3 email blasts from Mailchimp within 5 mins. Really pisses me off to see our product links pointing to an off shore site. Thanks gundose

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