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The Law Offices Greenwald & Hoffman, LLP Review

Report Filed: The Law Offices Greenwald & Hoffman, LLP Greenwald Hoffman, Paul Greenwald, Paul Hoffman Greenwald Hoffman will take your money and do zero work. Scam!!! Santa Ana, California!!

When my house was foreclosed on and I was denied entry into my property, I contacted The Law Offices Greenwald & Hoffman, LLP. Paul Evan Greenwald was very prompt in taking a $2000.00 retainer. I was anxious to get access to the property and after numerous calls, answering machines and excuses, I called the courts and found out Greenwald & Hoffman had never filed the motion. When I confronted the Paul Greenwald, I was told to (((REDACTED FOUL LANGUAGE)))and hung up on. Afterwards, I had a date in court pertinent to this case. The date was on a Monday. I called both Paul Greenwald and Paul Hoffman at their office on a Thursday and again on Friday to remind them. Again getting an answering machine. I left several messages, but guess what, come Monday I’m sitting in court with no Attorney. Needless to say, they were fired and replaced. When my new attorney called this guy for information on the case, they told her that I OWED THEM SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS. Also, he hadn’t signed up in court as my lawyer on the case. Greenwald & Hoffman take advantage of struggling home owner to take what little they have left. I’m not a competitor. I’m just a victimized former client who feels the need to warn and future victims

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