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Report Filed: Theater Innovations misleading advertising on box and website, sold out of vans, ripoff Wallingford CONNECTICUT!!

These guys have misleading advertising on their website, product boxes, and catalogs. Says the equipment is worth 3000+ dollars but it is clearly inferior product. The boxes and equipment look legit but are worth maybe 1/50th of what the “suggested retail price”” is. Apparently they run this scam all over the country and even internationally. Send out people in vans and try stop people with a pretty decent story as to why they’re selling it. I just want to get the word out about these guys. Running a search on Theater Solutions brings up this forum: (link deleted – see below) This explains the scam in more detail from different individuals. Apparently a lot of people are getting duped by these guys. I think there probably isn’t much I can do about this other than bring attention to the scam in some way. Joshua Chicago

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