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Report Filed: Thomas Auto Sales Goes back on promises then lies to customer. Hillsboro Oregon!!

2013 I purchased a vehicle from Thomas Auto. due to some credit issues I was given a very high intrest rate and the vehicle was a simple less then 7K purchase. I was told by the saleman that if I followed 2 simple rules I could lower my intrest rate and get a better vehicle in 10 months. #1 Make all payments on time and in full. #2 Keep the vehicle maintained and undamaged. Do both of these things and I could get FULL trade-in value for the car. The salesman said “think of it as renting a car from us for 10 months”” I did both and 10 months later they had a vehicle I was intrested in and called the dealrship. My old saleman was no longer employed there. The new salesman was informed of the 2 rules I had followed. He told me to come in and they would check my trade in to see if I had followed rule #2 and they would check and see if I followed rule #1. Long story short they told me that the previous salesman was wrong and they didn’t do business like that. My trade in is now worth less that half of it’s value-car is worth less than loan and if I wanted the other car it would cost me 2K out of pocket plus more per monthly payment. They could have told me this over the phone but I see now they just wanted to gwet me into their salesroom. I would not have bought the car if I had known I’d be stuck w/this high intrest rate for 48 months.”

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