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Report Filed: Thomas Thompson World ECM Automotive ECM rebuilds PCM ECU Trion, Georgia!!

In December of 2010 I sent my ecm for a 92 corvette to Thomas Thompson and a money order for $215.00, the 200 was to pay for the ecm to get rebuilt and the other 15 was to pay for the shipping back. After quite a while he sent me back a different ecm, same part number but not mine, that didn’t work. I double and triple checked my diagnosis and verified that it was the ecm that was the cause of the problem. So I finally convinced him to take it back and he said he would find another one and rebuild it and send that to me. So I patiently wait, and wait, and wait. All of a sudden he is impossible to get a hold of. He never answers his phone, i left many messages and when I could finally get in touch with him he would tell me that he would have it ready at the end of that week. I have the car disabled in my driveway and theres nothing I could do because not only does he have my ecm, he also has my eprom so I cant even go out and buy an ecm somewhere else. The only reason I decided to deal with him in the first place is because the ecm is on national back order through GM and there was no time frame of when I could get one. Im an ASE master certified at a chevy dealership so I ordered one through the parts department even though they were on back order. I ended up getting the ecm through my parts department before I could get anything out of thomas thompson. I still couldnt do anything because he had my ecm, which I would need for a core, and my eprom which I would also need. I finally got him to agree to send me back the ecm that he admitedly never even attempted to fix so that I could use it for a core and he promised he would send me a refund but “it would be a couple of weeks because he didn’t have any money”” and began to tell me all his problems. All the while being smug and rude. Of course the car fired right up with the GM ecm and then began the process of trying to get a refund from him. He said he would give me $125.00 of the $200.00 I had spent with him

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