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Report Filed: Undercover Tuning Undercover Tuning damaged my engine, the transmission they warranted failed numerous times, been almost 3 yrs, problems still not corrected Pennsauken New Jersey!!

Starting September 2013, we contracted Undercover Tuning to tune my 2007 SRT 10 with a newly rebuilt engine from Arrow Race Engines. and do what was necessary to get the check engine light off and to get it thru inspection. Come to find out that they unplugged my check engine light. The engine pistons failed & Garth blamed Arrow, then I find out it was due to Garth tuning and the amount of fuel, to rich. I also had a transmission built through Undercover. I was told by Garth that it would be bullet proof, only to have it fail over a half dozen times. The last time the tranny failed was last November, I made an appt. to take it to Undercover Tuning to fix in January 2015 and he still has the truck, still sitting in his parking lot, and the trans is warranted! I was emailed by Garth that all paying customers come first and if I dont like it I can take the truck as is and he will give me a stock remanufactured trans in place of the one I paid all the money to have built, heavy duty. I paid in full Undercover Tuning a total of about $20,000.00 and still have no truck. We have presently notified Consumer Affairs.

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