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Unforgettable TV Shows Review

Report Filed: Unforgettable TV Shows Bad Product, Looks Replicated, Poor Customer Service, Still haven’t received all my product Buffalo New York!!

I ordered $150 worth of product or 3 items and was to get three free items. I have only received one item or am missing 5 items. On the product page of the site, it does not state the product is used, but it is. The product looks reproduced, it has a different liner cover than shown on any WEB site including theirs and the discs have plain white labels that look home printed and cheap. I cannot get the company to respond to any of my questions, they do not provide a phone number or address on thier WEB site. I am scared to cancel the order and return the one item I have received as I fear I will not get my money back. If anyone has a correct address, phone number for this company, I would love to have it! I do not reccommend using their service. I found at least three other sites you can purchase the same product only NEW not used and cost is only $1.50 higher. Cleopatra Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.

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