Urgent Courier, Inc.

Urgent Courier, Inc. Review

Report Filed: Urgent Courier, Inc. Employer issues bad checks and more! Oswego Illinois!!

This is the worst company I have ever worked for. They gave me 4 bad checks, although they did reimburse me for 3 of the checks. In addition, to the returned checks, I was penalized with overdraft and returned check fees and negative impacts on my credit score, and it just creates unneeded stress. I recently received the 4th bad check. This is ridiculous. The H.R./Payroll Manager and owner are difficult to get ahold of. I leave voicemails, text messages and I get no response. What they don’t tell you: 1.) All couriers must purchase work clothing ($15), biohazard duffle bag ($15), spill kit($15), weekly insurance fee ($20), fuel ($100 per week/avg.), tolls (at least 0.75 cents per toll), general repairs and maintenance, etc. Oh and by the way, if your car breaks down on the job, dont expect Urgent to help you with the towing expenses. On many occassions, my paycheck arrived late; they always blamed the mailman for the late paychecks. All the time and money spent sitting in traffic, dealing with construction, stoplights, down time, deadhead, etc. What a pain in the butt.

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