Western General (Extended Warranty Service)

Western General (Extended Warranty Service) Review

Report Filed: Western General (Extended Warranty Service) Coverage Plan Rip-off Calabasas California!!

In April of 2007 my partner and I purchased a pre-owned vehicle, and of course decided to play it safe and purchase an extended warranty. So we discussed our options with the finance manager and decided to go with the Gold plus plan, one under the highest plan available (platinum)- The cost of this plan was an additional $2600, which we figured would be worth the money to cover the vehicle for another 3 years bumper to bumper. Now August 2007 – we had to take in our vehicle for a fuel pump, which according to our contract is covered by the gold plus plan. To our surprise the GMC repair office called and told us that the Claims department denied the service because we only have a Silver plan, and that plan covers CRAP!! So now we are in a huge dilemma, we pull our contract to find that the finance manager at the Dealership, Power Nissan in Tempe, AZ, didn’t mark a box to show which plan we had purchased. Yet it does show we paid $2600 for a 3yr 45,000 mile extended warranty. I called Western General and they requested that I fax a copy of my contract and they would call me back. Over 2 weeks later I still had heard nothing from Western General. So I attempt to call them back and they had no recorded of me calling or record of any fax. I asked multiple people since then what I can do and no one has an answer. No one can tell me what the plans cost and I continue to get a run a round SO I went to the dealership yesterday and fought with the new finance manager (since the original guy no longer works for them) and their copy didn’t have the box marked either, but the request form that is sent to Western General had the silver package marked. ???? The finance rep. got on the phone with Western General to inform them of a mistake that had been made. After about 30mins, we were told that “from here forward you are now under the Gold plus plan.”” And that Western General would ‘GOODWILL’ the service that needed to be preformed on our vehicle. The finance rep said to have Brown & Brown (GMC) service call him with the estimate and he would contact Western General to have the work completed. Thinking that everything has been cleared up and made right

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