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Report Filed: Revolution Cycle Todd Not to be Trusted Baxter, Iowa!!

On October 20, I was shopping for parts for my Harley Davidson Ultra Classic on eBay when I came across an ad placed by Revolution Cycles in Baxter, Iowa. It was a technical part, so I called the phone number in the listing to ensure the correct fitment. I was connected to Todd, who talked a lot about taking time with his customers because it was important that they develop a long-term relationship. We decided on a product and I placed an order, paying immediately with Paypal. An hour later, I got an email from someone I had contacted earlier about the same parts, which led to some more research, and based on this new information, I realized that the products I had bought from Revolution Cycle were really not the best fit for me. I called Revolution right away, within two hours of placing the order, but they were closed; so I left a message stating not to ship the items I had ordered. I also asked them to call me as soon as possible. Todd called in the morning, and once he realized I was canceling my order, his entire tone changed and he simply said Okay, thanks bye. And hung up. Later in the day, I checked my Paypal account, only to find that Todd had decided to keep 20% of the total cost of the order as a restocking charge. The order had never even been shipped, and he felt that he was entitled to more than ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS?! When I called him, he admitted that he had sold 5 more of this exact combination today even if the order was boxed, all he had to do was change the shipping label! But no matter what I said, he refused to return the additional funds, because it was policy. I found it interesting that he never mentioned this policy when I was canceling the order! Bottom line: This guy sounds good up front, but once you place an order, theres no way out. We both know that there is no justification for retaining 20% of an unshipped order, but policy is more important to them than logic. He rips you off because he simply knows that he can get away with it and there are a lot of businesses who can provide the same product, so why risk doing business with this company?

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