Report Filed: RGA LEATHER JACKETS – M. ALFONSO ripoff – Reportage Giorgio Armani Leather Jackets – individual Huntington Beach California!!

Same scenario, except that the guy was claiming he lost all his money – $20K gambling, and needed to fly back to Italy asap! I fell for this out here in Huntington Beach, Orange County. I feel like such an idiot. Same scenario, except that the guy was claiming he lost all his money $20K gambling at hollywood park casino so he would give me 3 jackets free if i would help him out with a plane transfer change to today with british airways that cost $175. The guy seemed so genuine and he even pleaded how he really needed the money and how bad he felt asking me and he would repay me by Western Union the next day. Well I must admit he is really good cause he totally made a connection with me and played on my emotions. He used my first name and showed me his passport, gave me a biz card, showed me his rental agreement and flight itinerary (but i did not ask to see the plane ticket) and a picture of his son in Italy and described his family. There were so many warning signs that totally went past me, like why can’t you call your family? Looking back I feel like such an idiot. I think I am more mad at myself for falling for this. We talked, he gave me a hug and I cut it down and asked for all 3 jackets intead of one only cuz i felt I can always ebay the jackets and make my money back and if he paid me back, then it was only a bonus. I admit I gave him $120. I even drove to the ATM for this guy. He even asked for another $10 fter i gave him the $120. I only feel bad for giving him $5 in gas which i hope does not in any way con someone else. I really cannot describe why I gave a total stranger $120, thinking I would get it back. But I have learned for this. I don’t want to go to the other extreme and vow never to help someone in need again, but this is so sad how people like him can play on the kindness of others just for some money. It is really sad that money drives people this way. I was speaking with another guy who was ripped off the exact same way and he told me he believes in karma. What goes on comes around.I really don’t want to think about this pathetic person any more. My money is gone and luckily it wasn’t in the thousands but I am going to go on and I still believe that there is goodness out there, but unfortunately there is evil as well. To warn others, this guy is about 5’10” around 25 yrs, avergae build. He goes by the name Alfonso and he shows you his Italian passport. He drives around in a supposed rental silver Chrysler PT Cruiser. He also tells you he can’t speak English very well, he is an export fashion designer out here on business (HA!!!), he will give you Italian made jackets free (which give off a very strong odor), and get this he also told me he is a Christian and shows me his cross necklace. Which really got me because I am a strong Christian and even prayed to GOD as we drove from the gas station to the bank asking for advice on what i should do. I am not wealthy, but i have been on hard times and I felt maybe i could help someone else more in need than myself. I really hope that he gets his judgement. However, i would still hear someone in need out in the future. Brian Huntington Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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