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Report Filed: RJM Acquisitions Looks like smaller companies are turning to RJM Acquisitions for help Syosset, New York!!

Recently my wife and I moved to another town within the same state. Previously we had rented for 4 years while she was going to graduate school. No kids, not even pets and our deposit was never mentioned when we turned in the key. Four months later we get a debt collector on behalf of the apartment complex demanding additional payment above and beyond the deposit. The bill was in my name and a short search provided us with a Fair credit act form that we promptly sent off. When we signed the lease of our previous apt. we were not married yet so within a day of receipt by the collector (we sent it certified) they sent the same bill back to us but in her name. We sent another Fair credit act form back to them in her name. NOW… three days later we get a bill from RJM Acquisitions for an amount that is $2.00 dollars off from the debt collector who represented the apt. complex ( NCC Business Services – Jacksonville, FL ) Coincidence? I think not! In this letter from RJM Acquisitions they used their classic excuses (per internet research) Overdraft from Bank of America.. Long ago dates… Addresses that I actually lived at but the time frame is COMPLETELY wrong… Obviously we are not going to pay but I still think there is a correlation between a small time local collection agency and the emergence of a notorious, larger collection agency within a matter of days (sorry about the conspiracy theory sounding post). We are going to keep an eye on our credit report but we are trying to buy a house and start a family and this is a pain in the a**! Frickin’ A**holes….

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