Report Filed: ROADMASTER DRIVERS SCHOOL y name is Jorge Delvalle i’m was student fraudulent kick up with discrimination abuse intimidation and harassment and mental abuse by your school administration locate at 1409 pickettwille Road Jacksonville fl 32220 today it was my second test , ORANGE PARK Florida!!

I was well prepared and the inspector totally discriminate me and kick me up of the program legally by law, i have 4 test to do , your administration what they doing to student is fraud and scam , you administration can keep me out and refuse to do more test until my 4 test are complete failed what you inspector of your school program are doing is totally illegal abuse by your administration and discrimination i’m been mental abuse and discriminate by your administration and instructor and been scam bye your school program what this school program is doing is complete illegal to student and to people who are want to improve their life and their self the school program locate at Jacksonville is not compliance with any rules and regulation of DOT or any education private education program rules your classroom are over 70 to 80 student per classroom with not enough instructor you enrolled a lot student you scam student and your program are expecting to student to be prefect prepare and demanding for test when your program is violated by laws all rules and regulation in any education program and state regulation by DOT you program is scam and fraud your instructor are racist to embarrass and intimidate and discriminate student for another language , immigrants with assent you want perfect English you should not scam student before you enrolled and scam people and get involve student to your program should do demand a English test o perfect English before you destroyed intentional people life to own lot money to your school program and not be available to pass the test because you administration kick up student intentional with malicious fraud and violation of law and rules in any states past my DOT permanent , I did all my hours and i did over more hours what i was schedule from august 27 until today from 6:00am to 6:00pm even i was Saturday demanding per your school administration supervisor for now been kick up of your program and mental abuse constantly discrimination of you racist instructors you school program have 10 truck available for 10 student per truck per day training the truck condition is not even compliance for DOT INSPECTION you demanding to stand in the sun for more 8 hours in the heat with not water and been constantly screaming abuse and discriminate per your instructor you school bathroom are constantly dirty , you offices are racist and making bulling to student who are assent in English you don’t work enough with the instructor you have learn with student because your instructor do help student and you been kick up any time you abuse administration want i not going to end until you school and all program are legally sue in civil class action in florida for all the student you are scamming and discriminate mental abuse for your school and administration ROADMASTER DRIVER SCHOOL FRAUD ,SCAM DISCRIMINATION ,MENTAL ABUSE TO STUDENTS THIS SCHOOL IS SCAM THAT WELL MANIPULATED BY RACIST INSTRUSCTOR MENTAL ABUSE STUDENT WITH HARRASMENT INTIMIDATION THE SCHOOL HAVE IN CLASSROOM 70 TO 80 STUDENT PER CLASSROOM THEY DON’T HAVE ENOUGHT TRUCK AND INSTRUCTOR ,THE WANT PEOPLES TO ENROLL AND YOU CAN KICK UP ANY TIME THE COLLECT THE MONEY NOT MATTER WHAT I SUE THE SCHOOL ANY ONE TWO SUE WITH ME LET ME KNOW PLEASE REPORT THEM TO DOT INSPECTOR IN ANY STATE THEY HAVE SCHOOL PROGRAMS , REPORT THEM TO PRIVATE EDUCATION YOU STATE ATTONERY , REPORT THEM TO YOUR LOCAL CHANNEL NEW ,REPORT TO LOCAL GOVERMENTS REGULATITON OF TRANSPORTTION ANY ONE TO DO CIVIL CLASS ACTION AGAISNT THAT ROADMASTER IN ANY STATE LET ME KNOW I GOING TO SUE THEM

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