Rose City Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep

Rose City Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep Review

Report Filed: Rose City Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep >$1000 to change the timing belt on a crappy neon. Welland Ontario!!

I went to change the timing belt on my sisters car to save her some money. So I bought the belt and was told that only Chrysler made the tensioner pulley for the car. I pulled in to chrysler and asked them for the tensioner (usually about $40 for any other car). They said that they didn’t have my tensioner because it has been updated and I have to buy the updated tensioner as a package (the new hydraulic type) for a low price of $560 plus tax. I was told that chrysler patented the hydraulic cylinder for the tensioner so it isn’t available as an aftermarket product. The parts person had no remourse and said that it was a fair price when I asked him if he thought if it was just a little ridiculous. I also needed the serpentine belt tensioner pulley (usually about $20) because the bearing was going. They said that they couldn’t sell me the pulley and I’d have to buy the whole tensioner assembly for $175 plus tax. The aftermarket community does not make this size pulley. All this on top of the cost of the belt and some other parts to do the job on a 2000 neon that already went through 2 rear main seals ($700) and a head gasket ($1000) within the last 2 years. I will never buy another Chrysler or GM or Ford product again. (My Family was also screwed with a Ford Windstar that had a billion problems including head gaskets.) Chrysler obviously designed the car in this manner in order to increase profits by gouging the pockets of the working class person. I hope they go bankrupt and all of those money hungry executives lose their jobs. Greg Port Colborne, OntarioCanada

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