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Report Filed: Rosedale Transport Messed up DAC info dalton Georgia!!

I just like to say that Rosedale Transport is a awful company I use to work for them some time back I am reporting them because they gave me a unsat work history which is some junk.Never in orentation this was explained to me that if I was to get stuck for any reasons however many times that I would be fired well that is what happened. then the company lied about it. they told me they was just brininging me in to the terminal in Dalton Ga and to find out I was been term and the sad thing a dispatch got fired the same week was told by a driver that he would unplug the gps on the truck just to run so he could make his money yet that guy never got fired.the point I am getting here you can do false things and nothing get done about it. I never did that yet you fire me because of that. this company sucks. so any driver thats reading this the reason I want people to know what type of companies do what some are a POS like ROSEDALE TRANSPORT drivers upplugging the gps to get home oh yeah but they try to look over that thats what some of the drivers are doing

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