Ryder, Budget Truck Rental AKA Avis Truck Rental

Ryder, Budget Truck Rental AKA Avis Truck Rental Review

Report Filed: Ryder, Budget Truck Rental AKA Avis Truck Rental rented truck not inspected 2 times gave hard time about receiving no reinbusement for expenses the business that doesn’t give a d**n Phoenix Arizona, Virginia, New Mexico!!

Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 16:59:31 -0400 Subject: RYDER complaint My goal when I rented this Ryder truck was to move my family and all of our belongings from Phoenix,AZ to Winchester, VA. A total of approx 2500 miles. My nightmare began on October 6th, 2002 before we even left Phoenix. The brake warning light came on after driving for less than 2 MILES. I called the service number and the representative told me how to re-set the switch and after 2 HOURS was able to get the brakes re-set. We were finally on our way. The nightmare continued when our first truck, #188180, broke down on the freeway in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Once we were finally towed back to the Budget station on Pan American Freeway NE, I was told by Customer Service (Budget’s 800#)that Budget/Ryder would pickup the hotel expenses and up to $22 a day for a meal for the time we were going to be stranded in Albuquerque. I was also told I would be paid $10 per hour while I was stranded waiting for BUdget to fix this truck; I was also told there was a maximum of 5 hours per day allowed for downtime. The closest hotel was 1/2 mile from the Budget station. The sole mechanic at this station told me “it’s close enough to walk.”” No representatives offered to give us a ride to the hotel. Let me explain this a little further: with me was my son with a broken arm

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