Ryder Transportation Services (Ryder)

Ryder Transportation Services (Ryder) Review

Report Filed: Ryder Transportation Services (Ryder) $3000 ripoff lies, overbilled and still nothing after 4 weeks! Oklahoma City Oklahoma!!

Via phone and fax, I completed a form of our name and address to rent a trailer for our driver out of oklahoma city. They ask me to pay security dep on 9-14-06 of $3000. I paid that in cash at the Ryder in Lowell Arkansas. The driver picked up the trailer on this day. They told me that once the trailer was turned in they would deduct the charges and send a refund check within 7-10 days. Our driver turned in the trailer on 9-21-06 and after 8 days still no refund check. I called 3 times in 2 weeks and today is 10-13-06 and still no check. We were overbilled at 1500 + saying the trailer was turned in 2 days after it was actually turned in and they have since credited the bill to around $1200 but where is my refund? Its been 4 weeks! Are they going to pay me interest on my money they continue to hold?? cher Cher Fayetteville, ArkansasU.S.A.

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