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Report Filed: SA Painting and Remodeling Sebastian Arlegui, Jose Barahona Substandard work performed Orlando florida!!

Dear Sir / Madam; On July 26, 2017 SA Painting and Remodeling LLC, Sebastian Arlegui and Jose Barahona, agreed to fix my bathroom. The bathroom is now in need of repair due to the work that was done. The estimated cost to fix is about 4590 for labor plus supplies, which I estimate is around to around 5600 total. I am requesting that the bathroom get fixed by different professionals. In order to be rectified, it was advised by licensed professionals that the bathroom tile be ripped out, and replaced. Also, the plumbing for the tub must be redone. Generally Summary of Issues:-grout space incorrect -grout space doesn’t line up around window, -tub spout pitched wrong direction,- walls severely out of level, -sharp bite fittings need to be replaced and sodered in -exposed edges need bull nose or shcluter to finish edge -tile installed on window sill pitched wrong direction -Need to rip out all exisiting tile and install new tile -properly and change drain pitch properly, -remove shark biles and re-soder all connection -install shcluter around exposed tile edges,- walls need to be joint compounded to be same level -Handymen incorrectly installed waste and overflow which must be reinstalled – Also handy used illegal fittings on sharks valve which also needs to be redone. -the tiles are not even-the tiles are not square -the thinset pumps are too thick-due to the above, new walls need to be added to fix the above issues-GF1 light not installed-molding on door destroyed and not fixed-wall not painted-mortar left on floor-paint left on 2 areas on front of building-missing spout fixture The above write-up is factual, true and accurate. I am requesting reparation for damages done so a repair can be completed. The written estimated cost of the repair is around 5,600.00 dollars. It is my wish that reparation for damages be paid; and there is no need to escalate the issue further with consumer advocate agencies, or with other governmental regulating agencies. Sincerely, Celia Swanson [email protected]

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