Samaritian Asset Resolutions,LLC

Samaritian Asset Resolutions,LLC Review

Report Filed: Samaritian Asset Resolutions,LLC Erik Hernandez Ripoff out $17,372.00 and I can’t find him or contact him. New York New York!!

Erik Hernandez played like he was attorney work with the government agency in New York. He called me up and told me that I had some unclaimed money. He sent a notary public out to my house on August 21,2014. I live in Midville, Georgia. He got my information off of public record on the computer. What happen I had some unclaimed money at the Tax commission office in Burke County. He find out by computer search and public recorder. I didn’t have no idea that’s where he was getting the money from Tax office. He had me to sign a power attorney form to act as my lawyer to get 40% of the money. which I didn’t need a lawyer. Because I am 15 mile from the Tax commission office that I could have went and got the money myself or could have gotten a lawyer from georgia. So, he contact the Tax commission office in Burke County and had them to send him the Check with my name on it. They sent it to him on september 17, 2014. He scam them to. Now he has disconnected his cell phone. On number you might be able to call and it is not guarantee 800-727-3218. I have filed a police report. Now I need to file a police report in New York. Before he get scam somebody else out of there money. I need some help. The check was $17,372.00

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