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Report Filed: Sandoval’s Auto Repair Sandoval Mobil Sandoval Texaco Stole my car! Williams Arizona!!

I broke down in the middle of the desert and AAA sent them to tow me, said it would be about 50 minutes, took closer to an hour and a half. It took them another two hours to inspect my car and they finally came in and told me my engine was shot and that it would be $3k to replace it.The car was in really good shape, but it was closing in on 20 years old, so I wasn’t pouring that kind of money into it. I asked Alfredo if I could keep it there for a few days while I figured out salvage options and he said that was fine.Meanwhile, I had to rent a hotel room for the evening, since it was around 6 pm and I couldn’t get anywhere till the next day and made a plan to take a shuttle to the Flagstaff airport to pick up a rental car and come back to Williams to transfer all my belongings — I was in the process of moving across the country to Los Angeles.In the meantime, I scheduled a pick up with a salvage company for the next week (it was labor day weekend) and when the salvage company went to pick it up, they refused to release the car and insisted that $500 of fees for storage be paid before it was released. I wasn’t paying the fee, Alfredo never once mentioned the fee, even though I asked multiple times if it was okay for me to leave the car there for a few days. Now I’ve been dealing with AAA’s travel interruption insurance department (that’s been a whole different nightmare) and they have been in contact with the station who claim that they don’t have my car and that they never did.So now I have no idea where my car is and with all that’s happened, I’m not even sure if they were telling me the truth when they quoted my issue.

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