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Saturn Automotive Company Review

Report Filed: Saturn Automotive Company GM is taking a bailout with your tax dollars and their deceptive business practices Southgate Michigan!!

I was told by Melissa at Saturn’s customer service center that their practice of charging customers an inspection fee is not only an acceptable company policy, but practiced by all their Saturn retailers. When your car breaks down or has an issue, they can and will charge you $50 for them to tell you whether it is under warranty or not. And if you were suckered into their extended warranty that is not bumper to bumper as sold – not only will they not remind or inform you that there is a deductable, they will not/cannot tell you what the deductable is until they have your car and your inspection fee. So GooD LucK all you Saturn owners under warranty. You must be able to diagnose your problem and be well versed on what your warranty covers. Then you still have to pay the inspection fee until they determine if it is covered under warranty and the closer they get to bankrupcy, I am sure that what they are willing to cover or not cover will change. DO NOT BUY GM OR SATURN. SHAME ON THEM FOR LOOKING FOR A TAXPAYER BAILOUT. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE = NO CUSTOMERS = BANKRUPCY GOOD BYE GM – YOU DESERVE TO GO DOWN THE TUBES Melkell Taylor, MichiganU.S.A.

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