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Report Filed: Scissor Doors Inc bullsh*t me Internet!!

i bought a reverse lambo door kit for my 96 civic cx when i got it my installer had told me it was a regular lambo door kit and he had installed one like it from them on a previous car but not reverse regular and then we had a hard time contacting them to ask them about it so he talked to them and they gave us the usual run around that people full of bullshit do so i left my car and he started working on it and it doesnt fit at all the door with the hinge sitting one way will not let the door go up and backwards and another way we tried so that the door would go up wont let it close so we asked them for an install guide but the dumbasses sent pics first of all of cars not the one i have but of other cars and it showed where they put them at and then they sent me an installation dvd of how to put them on regular not backwards they just kept saying do it reverse and put them in the rear quarter panel and that obviously didnt work so now since my installer called them out on the phone asking them alot of questions they couldnt answer they wont respond to me at all nor do they have a 24 tech support so now since he fabricated the hinges i have to put them on regular not backwards like i wanted them to such a d**n disappointment

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