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Report Filed: Scissor-Doors Inc – ScissorDoors – – – Scissor-Doors Inc. LAMBO DOORS SCAM ALERT cheap gargbe junk homemade scrap metal. Does not work, LIES, NOT BOLT ON, MONEY STEALING LIEING THIEVES LAMBO DOOE HINGE SCAM Fredericton, New Brunswick!!

I own a body shop in Lewiston Maine and have used Scissor Doors for a few customers cars. In fact, I have left a positive feedback as a favor to Scissor-Doors on this site as a rebuttal to one of their customer’s complaint. http://www.Ripoff That was then this is now!! I got to tell you was i ever WRONG!! Being from a small town in Maine I had never really seen the lambo door kits before and ordered from The kit came and no bolt holes were drilled. So I called the company and they told me I had to drill holes. So I figured, no problem. Drilled holes and bolted the kit onto the car. Next week one of my customer’s buddies decided he wanted the same look. So I ordered another kit for a different car. I got the same exact kit and thought that was odd. Scissor-Doors told me that again I would have to drill the kit and I did. Didn’t bolt on so good this time. Missed a few bolt holes. So all looked good until a couple months ago. Not even a day apart. Both customers come to me with messed up cars. The scissor door hinge system I installed broke at the same place on both hinge kits. Damage was done to each vehicle’s sheet metal. Called about this. At first they said they would get back to me with warranty info, they claim a lifetime warranty…..that was 2 months ago. Now no callbacks, don`t return calls or emails. So that same customer came back to my shop with a different lambo door kit he bought on the interenet. MAN I knew nothing about lambo door kits. What I thought was a decent kit from was in fact nothing more than a cheap piece of junk someone welded together in their back yard. This new kit was amazing, bolt holes were there, bolted right up to the car no problem. The scissor door hinge looked like a helen keller job next to this new kit. Anyways the scissor door hinge system is junk. I would estimate the value of such a cheaply made universal hinge at $150. Don`t lose your money. many people feel the same way as I do about them. I`m not the first to complain and WILL NOT be the last.

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