Scott Sladovnik, Money Pit

Scott Sladovnik, Money Pit Review

Report Filed: Scott Sladovnik, Money Pit Slum Lord Omaha, Nebraska!!

Don’t rent here. Scott Sladovnik is a slum lord. This place has roaches and mice, you can smell the ethnic cooking of your neighbors throughout the building, and the heat doesn’t work properly. Scott Sladovnik is an a**hole who doesn’t listen, always thinks he’s right, and will threaten you if you try to have a discussion about anything. Not only that, but his assistant, Kylee Robson, is an uppity b*tch who lets herself into your apartment whenever she wants, whether she has an appointment or not. She walked in on me naked and then accused me of being rude. What a c*nt! Stay away from this place.

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