Seabreeze Dachshunds

Seabreeze Dachshunds Review

Report Filed: Seabreeze Dachshunds Lyn Edds Selling Sick Dogs Corpus Christi TX!!

Lyn Edds of Seabreeze Dachshunds has had to take back about 5 dogs in the past 2 years due to the dogs being sick. She’s not being honest with her puppy buyers and I would avoid her at all costs. She’s breeding dogs that she has not idea with genetic issues they have, but a year or less down the road they go back to her because of genetic issues. She had a dog named Jagger that has throat issues and had to be fed in a high chair sitting up. She did not give anyone a chance to care for him, but instead put him down and let told people he just passed away. She is unethical and she does not truly care for the dogs she breeds.

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