sears and roebeck company automotive

sears and roebeck company automotive Review

Report Filed: sears and roebeck company automotive manager bob morton charged me for work under warranty that I paid for already Watchung New Jersey!!

To whom it may concern, i went back to sears because the tires that i purchased from them were defective. when i rotated them from the back to the front of the car, the car pulled very hard to the left. after 3 hrs in sears their mechanic confirmed that the car is pulling after he rotated the tires. I have road hazard on the tires. The manager said that they do not carry that particular tire anymore, so i will have to upgrade the tires and charge you the difference. Then I said “So you agree the tires are defective?”” he said yes.I asked how are you going to charge me for defective tires and charge me because you do not carry them any more? also they are charging me to replace the vaulves that not that old and to rebalance the tires that i already paid to have balanced. its not my fault the tires are defective. when I stated all my concerns to the manager Bob

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