Sharie Manon Kruzik

Sharie Manon Kruzik Review

Report Filed: Sharie Manon Kruzik Mommy Dearest Child Abuser, Child Neglecter, Alcoholic, Angry F***** B**** Brooklyn, New York!!

This m************ abusive psychotic angry b**** is always under investigation from some child protection agency or another for either abandoning her young children with strangers for days on end, plotting the murders of her ex-husbands, beating her kids, starving her kids, slutting it up with random drug dealers, star-f****** and pretending she’s a celebrity, bringing freaks and pedophiles around her kids, and all in all being an intolerable b****. She is a raging alcoholic and bipolar crazy b******, who’s mood swings go from 0 to 60 faster than her making an 8 ball disappear. Some people shouldn’t have kids – this w**** is one of them. She has gone through more nannies than a nanny agency, partly because every single nanny has either resigned in disgust or has been mercilessly fired by her, when they discover or report her open and wanton child abuse and child neglect. Someone give this alcoholic b***h another drug test and take her kids away from her, before she does something bad to them, PLEASE.

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