Shoreline Event Management JACLYN ZEPERNICK

Shoreline Event Management JACLYN ZEPERNICK Review

Report Filed: Shoreline Event Management JACLYN ZEPERNICK JZ Corporation If you’re not in it for the “opportunity” she doesn’t want you New Haven, Connecticut!!

This job is part of Smart Circle and the point of this job is to eventually become an owner of a sales office. If you are not in it to run your own office, then don’t waste your time. They say 95% of the people quit because of the money. This is exactly why I quit because you are overworked and underpaid. There are no benefits. It takes up all of your time and energy throughout the day. When you come back from an event with low production they blame it on you, because it was YOUR attitude, but really it was just a shitty event with absolutely no traffic (for example, Shoreline’s main division is FW1 Waterless Wash and Wax) so if there was no one coming to the gas station, you make no money. I will say that it is really great experience especically for someone who needs experience on their resume because it is face-to-face sales but it’s definitely not for everyone and it is VERY UNSTABLE. I also want to warn you to KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PRODUCTION and what you make because the owner, Jaclyn, will rip you off because she knows some people don’t keep track. Also, write down the days she says that she will give bonuses because she always says she is giving a bonus but then you never see it on your paycheck. There are opportunties to travel but it is not 100% paid for. you need to pay for gas, tolls, and parking when going to the airport and she gives you a hard time about giving you a refund. you drive all over the state wasting a LOT of gas money and milage, wear and tear on your car for events that are usually not worth the drive. When you first apply the job is very decieving because of the ads they post. so just be careful and be optimistic because there are other jobs out there. at least find something with a BASE SALARY and BENEFITS to work with. I don’t think you should waste your time and energy with this company. find a job with MORALS because this job is defintiely has immoral business practices.oh and what scares me is anyone can be an owner even without a college education and even if someone doesnt pass a background she still hires them. These people are all about getting rich off each other and very money hungry so I encourage you to find a job that you love to do instead of trying to get rich off other people! Because it will take a really long time to get rich working for Shoreline thats for sure.

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