Sipple Electronics, Inc.

Sipple Electronics, Inc. Review

Report Filed: Sipple Electronics, Inc. over charge rip-off and bad refund practices poor communication and no regard to customers Erie Pennsylvania!!

I brought a stereo receiver in for repair at Sipple electronics on 9/29/04. After a month of constantly calling them to check on it,(since no one contacted me) they finally said it was done. I went to pick it up on 10/27/04 and paid for it by charge, a total of $74.08. I put it in my car in their parking lot and it still didnt work.I took it back inside and they said they needed more time to look at it. 2 weeks went by and no one contacted me. I called Sipples and talked to Randy who said the part he installed was bad and he needed to order a new one and it should be there that Wednesday and it will be ready by Friday. I waited and again no one called me. The following Tuesday (11/16/04) I stopped by and it still was not finished. The guy at the desk told me they needed to order the part that was bad, and I explained that Randy told me it was supposed to be ready last Friday. He told me to come back when Randy came in around 11 o’clock. I went back and they still had not ordered the part so at this time I requested my money back. I was told that they had to issue a refund by check and they go out in the mail on Friday (11/19/04). I have waited again and it is now a week later (11/28/04) and I still have not recieved a refund. So now I am paying interest on my credit for this balance from almost 2 months ago. Meanwhile I took the stereo to a shop in Wesleyville and the owner called me that same day and said there was only a bad solder point and only charged me $15.00 for labor. Jeff Erie, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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