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Report Filed: Skip Barber Ripoff artist to the FULLEST!!! Braselton Nationwide!!

So like most others, I’ve always thought that Skip Barber was the best! If you want to go to a racing school, why would you want to go with anybody else? They are a bunch of RipOff Artists that’s why!! Let me tell you why. So my lovely wife got me a racing school day at Laguna Seca for our anniversary present in July of 2014. What a gift!! Open wheels, racing school, beautiful October weather, and Laguna! How cool is that gonna be? So I called them and asked them which class I should take. They have so many options. After talking to Robert, he sold me on a open wheel racing school, and he also upsold me on some insurance coverage while I’m out there. So I gave him my credit card and they charged me an additional $500. My wife had paid $1795 already. So now I’m $2,295 in the hole, but man, what a day that’s going to be. I told all my family and friends about it, and was so excited about my awesome day coming up at Laguna. In August, I get a email from Skip Barber stating that my Racing School day was canceled. I was so bummed! What do you mean it’s canceled? So I called and asked Robert what was going on. He stated that he was not sure, but all of Laguna Seca days are canceled for 2014 and I should wait to see what is coming for 2015 so I can sign up for that. Of course, I didn’t want to wait till 2015 for my Racing School, but I thought, what ever, let’s just see what they have coming. I called back a few days later and talked to Scott. Scott told me that there will be no more days at Laguna Seca and that I should consider another track. I explained to him that I really wanted to go to Laguna, which is why I was willing to spend $2300 on it. I did not want to go to another track. So I asked Scott to refund me if they’re not going back to Laguna. This was on September 3rd, and he told me it would take 6-8 weeks. 6-8weeks!!! I asked him why would it take so long? My credit card payment went through in the matter of minutes, but it’s going to take you maybe 2 months for a refund? WTH? But I thought… why argue… “Ok”” I said

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