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Report Filed: Smart Choice Payments False information Las Vegas Nevada!!

Smart Choice Payments is so smart, they make me look dumb for trusting them in the first place. They sent a representative to my newly opened restaurant offering competitive rates versus our current merchant provider. Scott, the rep. gave many promises as well as many false information. He was not at all train to know the information he tells us. He told us the POS system comes with the credit card merchant service and it was only $36 a month plus a $5 equipment insurance fee. While I was signing paper works with him, I saw a fee that was for the POS system for $180/mo, i asked him about it and he told me that the fee is on the credit card company and the bill is not directed to us (false information). It turned out the fee was in fact for us and the rate that they offered was not what he calculated for us. Scott also offered before the contract that he was going to help me set up the POS system as well as inputting the menu for me on the system. I layed out the things i need the POS system to do and he said it could do it all. By the time i got the system, I had to do most of the set up as well as inputing the menu in myself. Scott does not know a thing about the system, nor does he have any idea what it is capable of. He ended up flaking out and did not pick up my phone calls or answer my texts. I could not reach him to asks about the fees and other problems i ran into. There were countless problems that i had and needed assistant but he did not do anything. We had to switch our bank account number and had to rout the merchant service to a new account. Scott said he was on it, but after 3 weeks, the problem was still not resolved. I called straight into smart choice and asks them about it, apperantly there was no request or anything of the sort. I ended up doing the DDA myself. I explained my problems to smart choice customer service about the false information and fees that were not explained to me. They said they cant do anything about the Rep and passed me to one of their higher ups. George took over and promises me many things, he promises me a new pos system and that he would check into the rates. After that, he was never heard of again. I called and called, but he never picks up nor call back. I called ustomer service and told them the sotry again, and told them i want to cancel my account, they said they can cancle it without George permission (which won’t happen) because Goerge doesnt respond! So if they don’t respond and ignore my request, i can’t even cancle or do anything! im just stuck! with no help or any support. I was tricked and scamed big time. If there is anything i can do, please let me know. Be smart and don’t go with smart choice!

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