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Report Filed: Smolich Motors Smolich Nissan Used Car Buyer Beware! Bend Oregon!!

We purchased a used 2003Saturn LS from this dealership in August. The dealership claims the car was put through a complete vehicle mechanical inspection in July. In that report they claimed that the transmission passed all tests, including fluid level; shift points, slipping and shift linkage. In October, with only limited mileage, the Saturn began shifting erratically. We had taken the car from Bend to Vancouver, Washington. It was inconvenient to return the car to Bend for service. We went to a reputable Vancouver mechanic called Gaynors Automotive. They said the transmission was shot, that the fluid levels were very low and there was extensive metal shavings in the transmission. Basically the transmission had been defective for some time. The cost to repair the transmission was nearly $2,000. We paid $2,900 for the Saturn. I returned to the dealership to ask if they truly inspected the car’s transmission. I was told that they had. They said that I should have returned the car to them to inspecter it. I explained that the car was now being used by my daughter in Vancouver. I was told the general manager would look at the deal and see if there was anything they could do to assist me with the cost of the transmission replacement. I never heard back from them. So much for believing that purchasing a used car from a multi-generation dealership was a safe way to go.

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