South Florida Kung Fu and Fitness

South Florida Kung Fu and Fitness Review

Report Filed: South Florida Kung Fu and Fitness BUYER BEWARE! Don’t get roped in to a Retail Sales Contract!!! Margate, Florida!!

This is a public service announcement: Do not sign on the dotted line until you read this!! This school assigns its contracts (which are called retail installment contracts) to a third party and gets paid some of the money up front from them. The third party (Performance Equity Partners) conducts a credit check on you and it appears on your credit report like a loan! You don’t have a contract with the school, it’s with this Performance Equity Partner company!! The school owner “assigns”” the contract to them. The only way to get out of said contract is by moving 25 miles away OR if your child has some medical condition that can be proved with a doctors note. NONE of this is stated anywhere in the contract or told to you when you are signing up!! READ everything before you sign! Ask questions before you sign! Know that Florida has a 3 day “”cooling off rule””per the Florida attorney generals website under consumer protection-“”In Florida

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