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Report Filed: SRP Salt River Project Fraud, singlesource and shaft, most fraudulent government owned deceipt, monopoly, Tempe, Arizona!!

Not sure whre to start and where to finish. On or about 2005, i was operating a Business in Tempe, Arizona. SRP was the Provider of Electricity. There was an Electrical short and the Electrical Pane caught on Fire. I had to rent a Generator to power my Building. about 15.000 square feet. I did so for abour 45 Days. The Electric Power was disconneced. My monthly Electric Bill was about $700.00 (average) Whan i got my Bill for the Month that the Service was disconnected, guess what, the Amount of the Bill was THE SAME.. THEY REFUSED TO MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT, EVEN AFTER I CONTACTED THEM, and they threatened they would interrupt the Service PERMANENTLY, unlees i paid the Bill. I was forced to pay the Bill. I sold the same Business. As soon as this was done i call SRP and notified them. The Business was a Corporation. I never had to personally signe for the liability of the Electric Bill, when the Power was first provided. The new OWNER, failed to make the Payment. SRP came after me and threatened to disconnect the Service to my Home unless i paid the Business Bill. I wa sforced to pay it. On July 17 of 2010, i went to Europe and stayed there unt September 1, 2010. During the tme i was gone, one and one half Months, the only power that was on in my House was, one light Bulb and a 3/4 Horse Motor (Pool) that run 4 Hours per Day. Top Consumption should have been no more that $20.00 per month. My Bill was the same as nprmal. SRP again refused to make any Adjustments. I think SRP is Government owned. THERE IS MORE FRAUD IN THE GOVERNMENT INARIZONA, than any place else in this Country. In my Opinion.

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