Starbiz Wilhelmina

Starbiz Wilhelmina Review

Report Filed: Starbiz Wilhelmina – Starbiz Entertainment Bruce Romberg is and idiot and does nothing but scames people and takes them to the cleaners. ripoff Scottsdale Arizona!!

Bruce Romberg is the biggest ripoff person there is. He gets people in there and feeds them a line of bull that the child is the next star. Little did I know that is not even close. The pictures are blurry and dark. They never do what they are going to say they do. They take forever getting the pictures back and by the time they do get them back and if they come out like crap then they have to reshoot. Bull crap, there shouldn’t be a reshoot if they are done right the first time. It takes time away from marketing our selves or children. I have never seen anybody so unprossional and willing just to sit there and take peoples money. If you get a job he pays out of his pocket. So that right there tells you how improtant of a job he got you is. If it was a real important one don’t you think that company would have paid us and not Bruce. The people know whats going on and we are not going to take it. We are making our stand and letting everybody know. Bruce Romberg needs to be shut down and out of business once and for all. He is very unethical and has no morals what so ever. A tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.

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