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Report Filed: Owners David Boyd & Rober Boyd Fraud ** They didn’t replace my Alternator but charged me for it. Portland Oregon!!

I took my van to the one on 173rd and division and paid to have a new alternator put in for $179.00 in March. A month or two later I started have issues again with my battery light coming on. I tried to take it to the 173rd store w / my receipt in hand but no one was there and there was no signs on the door. I call the Start Mart on 124th and Stark and was told the 173rd closed and to bring it to them they will take a look at it but it sounds like it is an electrical problem. So, I took it in to the 124th store on a Saturday about 3 weeks ago they kept it until Sunday and when my husband called they stated they put a new alternator in and still wouldn’t hold a charge. It is an electrical problem. They referred me to Brigss Auto Electrical in Gresham. I took my van to Briggs 9 / 18 only to find out that it was the alternator that bad and it wasn’t a new one it was the original alternator the van came with it will cost me $319.00 to put in a new one. I looked up Brigss on the BBB website and nothing but WONDERFUL REVIEWS!! Start Mart had nothing but horrible reviews. I called the 124th store and was told by a supposed CSR that “Start Mart is no longer in business

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