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Subaru Of Sherman Oaks Review

Report Filed: Subaru Of Sherman Oaks Casa De Cadillac Automotive Group Charged For Misdiagnosis On Vehicle; Problem Not Fixed, Then Charged Again To Fix 2nd Diagnosis Van Nuys, California!!

I see that there has all ready been one complaint made on this specific business. Let me confirm that when you bring your car in for a supposed diagnosis of a specific issue, you will receive a bill with a cascade of other items that need to be addressed, Most of them I chose to ignore because I had many of the belts and hoses recently replaced. But to get back to the issue at hand: I took my car there because the engine was very rough during start up. They supposedly made a full diagnosis of my vehicle and stated it was the spark plug wires which I payed to have replaced. This did not solve the issue and I returned to dealership with issue still appearing.Upon doing my own investigation online., I find out that the symptoms my car was exhibiting were the early signs of a failing headgasket; something that their so-called 28 years of experience factory trained Subaru mechanic failed to diagnose the first time around. He himself stated to me that this is a common problem of older Subarus that he was well aware of. Yet, he didn’t have the where with all to associate these symptoms with that common problem? I would think that would be the first thing I would look for if I were this mechanic given the age and mileage of my vehicle. So I needlessly spent almost $88.00 on new spark plug wires and $113.00 on needless labour. So after the third time, my car starts to overheat and is not driveable, becasue the head gaskets were failing. It took three (count them 3) visits to finally diagnose the issue correctly. I would think an expereinced Subie mechanic that has worked on older models would have been all the wiser and not wasted my time and money.

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