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Successful Education On-Line Review

Report Filed: Successful Education On-Line (SEO) Successful Education On-Line Good for Nothing Except Taking your Money St. George Utah!!

On 6/14/2011 I signed up with Successful Education On-Line for one year of services at a cost of $8250.00 plus $40.00/mo for continued access of their information library. The merchant on record for the credit card transaction is actually Victory Financial Consultants (877-585-7111). As with any contract you have three days to cancel. Three days is not sufficient time to understand what the program is all about before realizing that it is not designed for you. The basic business model is you charge to your credit card and within a couple weeks you start selling stuff on ebay and start earning profit to pay off the card. Then you can work on developing a website where you can sell products and start your at home business. I got to speak with a coach once a week for six weeks for about 15 minutes per call and all I learned was how to setup an Ebay account and sell a few items found around the house. You can learn that by reading the how to stuff on Ebay for free. Next step is to figure out what product(s) you want to sell. This is a huge task that can easily overwhelm most people and SEO’s teaching method is for you to review a bunch of videos. You have to figure out what you want to sell, can you make a profit and can you get a supplier. If you get that far then you need to figure out how to set up a website. This went on for six months trying to figure this out. SEO will gladly sign you up for more coaching(LOL) which of course I did not do! In the mean time I still had to pay the credit card bill while also being charged $40.00/mo to access the library. I had to stop the bleeding and canceled the library access. But without the library I no longer had access to the information I needed to learn. A catch-22 situation. If anyone is considering this program, forget it. There is a great deal of work and money that goes into building a legitimate on-line business. I got nothing of value from SEO. I can only hope for someone to take on a class-action lawsuit against SEO.

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