Sun Devil Auto - Scottsdale, Arizona

Sun Devil Auto - Scottsdale, Arizona Review

Report Filed: Sun Devil Auto – Scottsdale, Arizona Sold Recalled Tires Internet, Internet!!

Sun Devil Auto in Scottsdale, AZ sold us tires that had been recalled five years ago. The tires were manufactured by Coopers and called Trend Setters SE 195/70-14 and recalled in 2006 due to a dangerous defect that caused the tread to shred off the tire. We purchased the tires on February 8, 2011 with 52,393 miles on the car. After only 2,600 miles on the tires, on August 15, 2011 the car was being driven at normal speed on Shea Blvd when the tread on one of the tires just shredded off the wheel. One week later, on September 6, 2011 a third tire went flat. The tread on this tire shreded right off the wheel. Since we now had developed severe problems with three out of the four tires after being driven less than 2,600 miles, and especially since we had already suffered a flat with one of the new tires purchased about the same time from the same Sun Devil and mounted on a second car, I contacted Sun Devil Corp Office only to get no help at all. Never let Sun Devil Auto fix you vehicle or buy anythem from them. They are crooks and should be run out of business. With the amount of complaints filed against them on this website only that should be proof enough.

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