Sunshine Homes & Properties, LLC, Tamara Pierce

Sunshine Homes & Properties, LLC, Tamara Pierce Review

Report Filed: Sunshine Homes & Properties, LLC, Tamara Pierce None, all additional names reported are business partners in property purchases. Reported a misleading report and just contacted me wanting to negotiate to take it off if I get the court case expunged. Realtors are not responsible for Properties. Realtors are not Liable. Charlestown Indiana!!

Sunshine Homes & Properties, LLC was hired to list a mobile home for sale. Tamara Pierce was the agent assigned. Owner is Henry Hinton Joshua Darnley made an offer on the home and needed a Contract for sale for a short period of time. The Seller agreed to certain terms. Joshua Darnley had requirements for closing and put down good faith money. How the owner decides to use his down fees is his business and not the Buyers. Joshua Darnley got behind in payments and the owner filed eviction. Joshua Darnley owed back money to the owner for mortgage payments which were promised to be paid in agreement. Owner Henry Hinton filed for an eviction and received an agreement at Court which I attended. That Joshua Darnley agreed to pay the arrears up to date and he would give him up to so many days to leave since he had small children residing in the home. (More than gracuous of an Honorable Judge) Many cases are set out within few days. Joshua wanted the owner or me to pay back the down fees for placing hin in this agreement or put it on the arrears. In a Contract for Purchase of Title the down fees is not a deposit. Therefore, Mr. Joshua Darnley was very angry. I recently phoned Joshua Darnley to see if he would take this off since it was misleading. His reply was if I take off the Court reporting. I Tamara Pierce calmly explained I do not work for the Court and I did not file the eviction the owner did. I can not tell the Court what to do or how to do it. I am not licensed for that and I think they were more than fair to you even though I just found out you still have a large outstanding balance. Joshua reply well we can resolve this together if you get the Court case exsponged. I am not the Attorney nor the Owner. It is not my position nor do I have legal right to exsponge that report. That would take the Court, You and Attorney. It is the LAW THAT REALTORS AND AGENTS ARE NOT LIABLE FOR THE HOMES, DEBTS, BUYERS, NOR FUNDS FROM A CLOSING.

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