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Report Filed: Survey Sampling International Survey Spot, Opinion PLus, Opinion World,Opinion Outpost. Defrauded clients accounts by unwarranted terminations, and denial of cashouts and points. Shelton Connecticut!!

I filed this complaint with Rip-Off-Report, to bring to the attention of the, General public, the State Attorney Generals Office. And the attention of an attorney that; companies that are sponsored by Survey Sampling International, Are engaging in fraudulent busines practices, Survey Sampling International is negligent in this as well, by deliberately ignoring, messages of complaints to them,concerning companies they sponsor. Thereby maliciously refusing to settle accounts of members who are and have accounts with companies they sponsor. These companies are engaged in fraudulent,malicious and frivolous also very much punitive conduct in avoiding the honoring of members accounts. Alleging that accounts were terminated,frozen and violated on the pretense that members committed fraud by submitting different email addresses to participate in the completion of surveys. Which is utterly falsehood and unsubstantiated, in the sense that I never ever used two different emails to participate in the completion of surveys. All members in their right minds know this is is a violation, and would result in forfeit of incentives and cash outs. In order to receive cash outs members must have a verified account with Paypal. As explained to the survey companies and to Survey Sampling International. That I have two verified accounts with Paypal. A Premier personal account and Business account both are verified and valid!! So! there is no longer any excuse to dishonor my accounts and to refuse to deposit my cash out to Paypal. When requesting cash outs, monies are deposited into my Paypal account using my gmail account which is valid and verified. These companies are in violation of my civil rights . Also a labor law violation to oppress an hireling in his wages! Also is a federal offense. Paypal also is negligent in the fact; that they refuse to acknowledge that I do have valid and verified accounts with them, Therefore causing the survey companies to have unwarranted suspicious notions of activities of members. Because of Paypal indiscretions and misconduct of improperly managing clients accounts thereby with failure to comply with membership policy. Also with deliberate denial of a suitable resolution to resolve the matter is therefore negligent. I wil now present a case history of Paypal, Survey Sampling International and the companies mentioned latter in this complaint. To whom it may concern or an attorney that may read this with, conviction, of misconduct and civil rights violations. Seeking the representation of a Civil Rights attorney that can challenge and pursue my case to awardment by a court of law. Seeking 1.5 million in punitve damages. What I seek in return Due to the 2 years plus that I have been struggling to obtain my cash outs is ridiculous. The time involved to reach the level of a cash out is fraustrating! the mental anguish incured. The tedious work denial of points after survey is complete. My continuing intimdation of legal recourse. The blacklisting of of me ever winning a sweepstakes!!? I have been completing surveys over two years plus. Which involves giving my honest opinion about companies their products and services offered to the public. The work is tedious, fraustrating and time consuming. Involves daily particpation and overall consistency. Cash outs are awarded on a point system. Only when you have rached a 1000 points can you request a cash out. Paypal as stated earlier is negligent, They have forced me to pay for books that were over debited on Paypal card. Unauthrization of withdrawn funds, Monies missing three months later monies back into account. This case is ever continuing in complaints. These companies refuse to honor members accounts,denied cash outs, These mentioned still owe me!! Survey-Spot 5,024 points =$50.00 Opinion- Plus $10.00 opt out because of denial of completed survey points. Opinion- World 11115 points =$10.00 OPinion -Outpost $30,00 Thanks for Prompt response! Cordially,

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