Susan Newell / Bookmakers / Western Union

Susan Newell / Bookmakers / Western Union Review

Report Filed: Susan Newell / Bookmakers / Western UnionSusan Newell / Bookmakers / Western Union Expensive Car for Cheap Glasgow United Kingdom!!

Our 16 year old son wis looking for his first car He was thrilled beyond belief to find this car avertised by Susan Newell for 2,350 USD : t1999 BMW 323i VIN: wbaam3335xfp58243 He was told to send his name and address to her and she would have MoneyBookers, an escrow company, contact him to make payment and shipping arrangements. There was no shipping and the details seemed to good to be true. Then, payment was to be made only though Western Union. Bells went off for me and I googled her name and Moneybookers (never heard of them before). Turns out this is a common scam or the past few years. Advertisements are placed on craigs list, and other online sites advertising late model cars for cheap. Interested buyers are told that the seller has recently relocated abroad and can’t bring the car to the new country due to specifications differences. All shipping is to be paid by seller,and buyer has 10 days to inspect the car. We luckily searched this or all the money our son has earned in two years would have gone up in smoke. If anyone knows how to report these scammers officially, we’d love to know how – to save other kids (and adults) from this ploy. Thank heavens for sites like this one to protect the innocent consumer!! Warning Buffalo, New YorkU.S.A.

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