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Report Filed: Susy SR22 scam State of Virginia DMV Virginia!!

My name is Susy. I am 19 years old. I live in New York State. I presently have a NY driveru2019s license pending suspension. I got a ticket for no insurance in Virginia. The ticket has been paid. The NY state DMV wants original documents from the Virginia DMV showing that the ticket has been paid. Virginia DMV refuses to do this. Virginia DMV has an extortion fee of $600 dollars that I agreed to pay. Virginia DMV is also demanding an SR22 (future financial responsibility). This SR22 allegedly comes from your insurance company. I do not own a vehicle, I contacted Progressive insurance and they said to get an SR22 you must own a vehicle. I have never had a Virginia license nor titled a car in Virginia. I just want to clear up my license. How do I go about doing this? I had called Virginia DMV and tried to explain that since I don’t own a car I could not comply with their request. I was told by phone “I am just telling you our rules”””

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