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Report Filed: SUV Trucks R Us Deceptive practices, no estimates, repair work that may have been unnecessary, 3 years and not running Las Vegas Nevada!!

1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer driven to shop 2 years and 11 months ago. It will be in the shop : years as of December 15 2017.when I brought it in, I wanted to have it tuned up and hoses, belts, etc., replaced. At the time I told them there was no rush because I didn’t need it right away. i a verbal estimate of $2000-$3000. I thought that was high but the owner explained their shop Labor fee was $115 per hour. Several months later they called and said it had a bad head gasket. Since they had started on the repair, I had no choice but for them to continue. Several months later they called to say the engine needed to be replaced. I was given no written estimates or time fraame, but they asked for more money would not put in a remanufactured engine, said they could rebuild it.. Every few months they told me it would be another two months and it would be finished. It was still not running by last month…October 2017. They also decided it needed to be completely rewired, which meant tearing out the seats and the carpeting. At this point I had to buy upholstery and carpeting. I asked for a written accounting last December…I asked for it several times but thevowner said he was very busy and couldn’t get to it. As of last month I have given them nineteen thousand dollars…vehicle still not running, and it has been promi to be finished every few months for a year and a half. Last. Both I was told the engine needed to be torn down and rebuilt again since it wasn’t getting oil. Claimed a mechanic who rebuilt it is no longer working there And probably rebuilt it incorrectly. As of last month the electrical system was not completed, though it was begun a year ago. Unfortunately, lawyers only deal with new car dealers. I contacted Legal Aid of Southern Nevada, filled out paperwork and have not had my phone calls returned. BBB will mediate after I fill out a report but has no legal jurisdiction. I have contacted the Attorney Generals Office but have not rece any return answer as yet. So nothing has been resolved yet, my Jeep has been in the shop three years, I have paid noneteenbthousand dollars and if I get the Jeep tomorrow I don’t trust the mechanical work to be safe enough to take out of cell phone distance. I believe I should have had written estimates, a realistic completion time, and some proof the vehicle needed the work that was done.

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