Sweet!, Mr Bulky's, Candy Lane, Bill McMahon

Sweet!, Mr Bulky's, Candy Lane, Bill McMahon Review

Report Filed: Sweet!, Mr Bulky’s, Candy Lane, Bill McMahon 50+ hours no breaks screams dishonest can’t pay bills ripoff racist fires disabled Overland Park Kansas!!

i just wondered how a small business works now i know they use the kansas law of work a million hours with no breaks to eat or use the bathroom to save them money since bill mcmahon at mr bulkys aka sweet and candy lane can’t pay company bills bill collectors call every day all day to the store and yell at me because he is never there also not being able to pay the rent at some locations the store managers get yelled at he has no hot water at the location in the greatmall of the great plains bugs in his stores we try to get rid of our selves fire exstilishers what are those i didn’t see any he enters the store yelling and screaming if we had just washed a bin and there is not a lable in it water and labels = wet lables so he tells us not to wash the whole bin just wipe them out his stores are not clean the way they should be not the employees fault he is money hungry while people are candy hungry and neither person leaves happy he bands the x employees from the store well so far the black and mexican one while he encourages the 16 year old girls that he hires that we fire for not doing thier job because they show too much skin to come back to the candy stores he doesn’t liston when you tell him that one of his other stores in zona rosa kansas city mo plays his own games up there he never checks yells or harps on any one but me he should since i found a thong underware under his counter. the last thing i wan’t to say since this guy isn’t worth any more than i have given him 2 days ago he tried to fire an employee because she was a little slower than most she was in a car accident when she was 14 now being 19 she lives on her own and works her but off at 2 jobs he told her he was afraid that she would scare off his custumers from the way she looks and that we were there to make him money not to lose it Jen olathe, KansasU.S.A.

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